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Tonka Hallmark Ornaments

1996 Tonka Mighty Dump Truck

Die-cast metal Hallmark ornament.


1998 Tonka Road Grader

Die-cast metal Hallmark ornament.  Wheels turn and grader pivots. 


2002 Tonka 1961 Cement Truck

Die-cast metal Hallmark ornament.  This ornament is based on the 1961 Cement Truck with whitewall tires. 


2004 Tonka Giant Bulldozer

Die-cast metal Hallmark Keepsake ornament.  The tread wheels and shovel on the bulldozer move.  3 inches long.


2005 Tonka: Mighty Tonka Wrecker

Die-cast metal and handcrafted Hallmark ornament featuring wheels that turn and working cranks and pulleys.  3 inches long.  


2008 Tonka: Mighty Tonka Roller

Die-cast metal and handcrafted Hallmark Keepsake ornament.  The wheels turn.  3 inches wide. 


2015 Tonka: Mighty Cement Mixer

Hallmark ornament by Orville Wilson.  2 1/8 inches tall.


2017 Mighty Tonka Bulldozer

This bright yellow bulldozer ornament with black blade and accents, features moveable treads. 3.4 inches wide, 1.8 inches tall. 


2017 Tonka: Mighty Tonka Bulldozer

The treads turn on this lifelike Tonka bulldozer ornament. 3.4 inches long. 1.8 inches tall.