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2019 Hallmark Ornaments

Please select carefully, 2019 Hallmark ornaments are not eligible for return or exchange.  Click on the picture for product details.

2019 Disney's 101 Dalmations: Cruella De Vil

From the Disney classic animated film "One Hundred and One Dalmatians,” here's our favorite villain.  This ornament was issued in limited quantities and first available at the 2019 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Debut eve…


2019 Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle and Beast

The Precious Moments styling of this Premium Hallmark ornament captures the charm of this sweet scene where Belle and the Beast share a tender dance.  This porcelain ornament is 3 inches tall. 


2019 Disney's Cinderella: A Dream Come True

Cinderella is dressed in her blue ball gown.  The glittered tulle overlay really make this Hallmark ornament sparkle.  Artist crafted by Katrina Bricker.  4.05 inches tall.


2019 Disney's Cinderella: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Slide the level on this Keepsake Magic ornament to see the interior light up, view a simple animation of Cinderella's dress coming to life, and hear music from "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo."  Artist crafted by Nello Williams, t…


2019 Disney's Dumbo: When I See An Elephant Fly

Dumbo learns to fly and takes his friend, Timothy Q. Mouse, along with him.  From the popular, animated Disney film "Dumbo," this Hallmark ornament measures 4.29 inches wide, 2.27 inches tall, and 3.42 inches deep. …


2019 Disney's Frozen II: Elsa and Nokk

Inspired by the Disney movie "Frozen 2," Elsa is riding Nokk, the mythical water spirit who takes on the form of a horse.  This Hallmark Keepsake ornament is 4.26 inches tall.  


2019 Disney's Lilo & Stitch: Stitch and Scrump

Stitch loves his homemade doll Scrump.  From the Disney animated movie "Lilo and Stitch," this Hallmark ornament is 3.15 inches tall.


2019 Disney's Little Mermaid: Part of Your World

Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament featuring light and sound.  Press the button on this ornament to see the scene light up and hear music from "Part of Your World."  Artist crafted by Patricia Andrews, this ornament is 3…


2019 Disney's Mickey and Minnie: Fireside Friends

Mickey and Minnie cozy up for an evening in front of a campfire roasting marshmallows.  2.36 inches tall. 


2019 Disney's Mickey Mouse: A Year of Disney Magic

Mickey is all decked out in his Santa hat and Christmas scarf and sitting on top of a snow-carved 2019.  Artist crafted by Alex Ho, this Hallmark ornament is 2.5 inches tall and 2.6 inches wide.


2019 Disney's Minnie Mouse: One Smart Cookie

Minnie admires her Mickey-shaped cookies.  Artist crafted by Nina Aube, this Hallmark ornament is 2.86 inches tall.


2019 Disney's Peter Pan: Tink's Christmas Kiss

Tinker Bell is spreading Christmas love with misletoe.  Artist crafted by Katrina Bricker, this ornament is 3.84 inches tall.


2019 Disney's Pluto: Wild Lion

Pluto wears a yarn mane to become a lion.  From the 1936 animated short film "Mickey's Circus," this Hallmark ornament complements the 2019 Mickey's Movie Mouseterpieces: Mickey's Circus ornament (sold separately).  Th…


2019 Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Chrismtas: Welcome Christmas

This is a reissue of the 2017 How The Grinch Stole Christmas ornament.  Press the button on this ornament to hear music from "Welcome Christmas."  Artist crafted by Nello Williams, this ornament is 3.56 inches tall.  …


2019 Dream Horse: Appaloosa

The 2019 Dream Horse is the Appaloosa.  Artist crafted by Debra Nielsen, this ornament is 3.12 inches tall and 4.8 inches long. 


2019 Eastern Bluebird Miniature Ornament

Hallmark miniature ornament by Edythe Kegrize inspired by the Beauty of Birds series.  1.16 inches tall and 1.53 inches long.


2019 Elf: Son of a Nutcracker

From the holiday movie, Elf, here's a stylized Buddy nutcracker.  Lift the handle on the back of this Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament to hear Buddy speak.  Battery operated. 5.05 inches tall. 


2019 Fabulous Flute Miniature Ornament

From the unofficial marching band series, 2019 brings us the Fabulous Flute.  Artist crafted by Anita Mara Rogers, this ornament is 2.5 inches tall.  


2019 Fairy Messengers #15: Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea Fairy is the 15th ornament in the Fairy Messengers series.  Artist crafted by Kristina Gaughran, this Hallmark ornament is 3.43 inches tall.


2019 Father Christmas - African-American

This old-world Santa Claus Christmas tree ornament holds a globe in his hands, and the scroll in his pack reminds us of the community spirit that the holiday season brings. Wearing a green fur-trimmed cloak, this strikin…


2019 Father Christmas #16

An old-world Santa wearing a fur-trimmed coat is the 16th ornament in the Father Christmas series.  Santa holds a globe in his hands and carries a scroll in his backpack that reads: "To every creature great and small...…


2019 Fire Brigade #17: 1958 Dodge Power Wagon Fire Engine

Artist crafted by Robert Hurlburt, this Hallmark ornament was inspired by a fire truck owned by the Mendon, New York, Fire Department.  Press the button on the ornament to see the engines lights.  This is the 17th orna…


2019 Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

This vintage looking Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament plays clips of "The Farmer in the Dell," "Hickory Dickory Dock," and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."  Artist crafted by Rodney Gentry.  Battery operated.  2.56" x 1…


2019 Football Legends #25: Philadelphia Eagles Zach Ertz

Fans of Philadelphia Eagles and star tight end Zach Ertz will want this Christmas tree ornament, featuring a pose of one of his diving catches, as part of their holiday decorating every year. This time Ertz is in the spo…


2019 Football: Los Angeles Rams Todd Gurley

Relive the thrill of watching Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley gain yardage with one of his signature carries tucked under his arm. Fans will want to rush out and bring home this dynamic Christmas tree ornament.…


2019 Ford: 2019 Ford GT

The wheels turn on this die-cast metal, Liquid Red 2019 Ford GT Hallmark ornament.  Designed by Orville Wilson, this ornament is 4 inches long and 0.9 inches tall.


2019 Frosty Friends #40

Dated 2019.  Our little eskimo friend is trying to teach his penguin pal how to fly.  This is the 40th ornament in the popular Frosty Friends series.  Artist crafted by Tom Best, this ornament is 2.5 inches tall and 3…


2019 Frosty Friends 40th Anniversary

Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hallmark's longest running series with this Frosty Friends Keepsake Magic ornament. Connect  this ornament to the Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) to see Frosty's friends move ar…


2019 Frosty Fun Decade #10

This is the 10th and final ornament in the Frosty Fun Decade.  It features a snowman dressed in a scarf, hat and mittens standing beside a snow sculpture of "2019."  Aritst crafted by Tammy Haddix, this Hallmark Keepsa…


2019 Frosty The Snowman 50th Anniversary

Artist crafted by Jim Kemme, this Hallmark ornament celebrates the 50th anniversary of this classic TV special.  It is 3.56 inches tall.


2019 Ghostbusters: ECTO-1

Press the button on this Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament to activate the lights and siren on the ECTO-1.  This ornament celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie.  Artist crafted by Rodney Gentry, this…


2019 Gone With The Wind: One Door Closes

Battery operated Hallmark ornament featuring Scarlett O'Hara in her green dressing gown.  Press the button on this ornament to hear dialogue between Scarlett and Rhett from one of their quarrels.  4 inches tall.  …


2019 Happy Campers

This little tear-drop trailer would make a perfect gift for anyone on your list who enjoys the outdoors and camping. Artist crafted by Tom Best, this Hallmark ornament is 3.56 inches long and 2.41 inches tall. 


2019 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

This ornament celebrates Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts with a dimensional interpretation of the original literary cover art.   Artist crafted Hallmark Ornament by Anita Marra Rogers. 3.35 inches tall.   …


2019 Harry Potter Storytellers: Harry Potter

When connected to Hallmark's Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) this Storytellers ornament provides interactive sound, light and motion.  Press the button on the ornament for excerpts from a scene in "Harry Potter an…


2019 Harry Potter Storytellers: Hermione Granger

This Hallmark ornament features Harry Potter's sharp-witted classmate, Hermione Granger. When plugged into Hallmark's Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) the ornament lights up.  Press the button to start a sound and…


2019 Harry Potter Storytellers: Ron Weasley

This Hallmark ornament features Ron Weasley, who quickly befriended Harry Potter during their first ride on the Hogwarts Express. Plug the ornament into Hallmark's Keepsake Power Cord (sold separately) to see it light up…


2019 Harry Potter: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

The detailed Hallmark ornament features Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, the joke shop founded by Fred and George Weasley. For an optional lighting effect,insert the bulb of a standard miniature light string through the rubber …


2019 Hasbro Tinkertoy Tree

Who knew a package of wooden sticks and spool connectors could be so much fun?  This Hallmark ornament features a Tinkertoy version of a Christmas tree.  Artist crafted by Nello Williams, this ornament is 3.72 inches t…


2019 Hasbro: Barrel of Monkeys

This classic game required a steady hand.  Artist crafted by Rodney Gentry, this Hallmark ornament features a chain of monkeys dangling above the game container.  4.64 inches tall.


2019 Heirloom Angels #4

This vintage-inspired angel ornament is the 4th in the Heirloom Angels series.  She wears a pretty pink gown with gold stars and a gold ruffle.  Artist crafted by Ruth Donikowski, this Hallmark ornament is 3.25 inches …


2019 Hockey: Alex Ovechkin - Washington Capitals

Featuring the 2018 Stanley Cup MVP Alex Ovechkin hoisting the Stanley Cup, this Hallmark ornament celebrates the Washington Capitals first Stanley Cup Championship.  Artist crafted by Robert Chad.  6.25 inches tall. …


2019 Holiday Lighthouse #8

This is the 8th ornament in the Holiday Lighthouse series.  When connected to the Hallmark Magic Cord a soft light glows inside the home while the beacon in the tower flashes continuously.  This ornament will also foll…


2019 Holiday Parade #1: Tammy's Tree Farm

This is the first ornament in the Holiday Parade series.  Each ornament in this series will feature a snow character driving a decorated parade vehicle.  Artist crafted by Tammy Haddix, this Hallmark ornament is 2.26 i…


2019 Honda Motorcycles: 1992 NR750

Die-cast metal Hallmark ornament with wheels that turn, featuring the Honda's street-racing bike--the 1992 NR750.  Dated 2019 on the back license plate.  This ornament is 4.2 inches long and 2.26 inches tall.   …


2019 I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas

Press the button on this Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament to hear part of  "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" performed by Gayla Peevey.  Artist crafted by Jim Kemme.  2.9 inches tall.  Battery operated. …


2019 John Deere X390 Lawn Tractor

The wheels turn on this die-cast metal replica of the X390 John Deere Lawn Tractor ornament.  Designed by Lynn Norton, this Hallmark ornament is 2 inches tall and 3.18 inches long.


2019 Legendary Concept Cars #2: 1953 Firebird® I

This die-cast metal Hallmark ornament takes us back to 1953 with a futuristic General Motors concept car.  The 1953 GM Firebird 1 had a single-seat cockpit with a bubble-top canopy.  This is the second ornament in the …