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2003 Hallmark Ornaments

Hallmark ornaments from the 2003 collection.  Click on the picture or ornament name for additional details.

2003 30th Anniversary Commemorative Bells

Set of 3 porcelain bells commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments.  Each bell represents a decade of Hallmark ornaments.  The artists collaborating on this ornament set were: Don Palmiter, Dill…


2003 Angels of Virtue

Handcrafted and metal Hallmark ornaments by Joanne Eschrich.  The star represents knowledge, which inspires us to do great things.  The heart represents devotion, which inspires us to do great things for others.  The …


2003 Angels We Have Heard

Turn the key on the bottom of the ornament and the angelic bell choir begins to play "Angels We Have Heard On High."  You can clip this ornament to a miniature light string for an optional lighting effect.  4 1/2 inche…


2003 Bearing the Colors

Fabric and handcrafted Hallmark Keepsake ornament. 3 inches tall


2003 Christmas Bells #9

Handcrafted and metal Hallmark miniature ornament by Ed Seale.  This ornament is the ninth ornament in the Christmas Bells series. 


2003 Cool Decade #4 COLORWAY

This colorway ornament was a gift to attendees of the 30th Anniversary Hallmark Event.  This was a limited edition of approximately 5000 ornaments and it differs from the regular 2003 Cool Decade ornament as follows: th…


2003 Gift of Peace

Hallmark Keepsake ornament by Sue Tague.  Included with the angel is a decorative stand that can be used to display the ornament.


2003 Glad Tidings

Hallmark ornament by Sue Tague.  The star she holds is a shining symbol of hope for all the world.  Included with the angel is a decorative stand that can be used to display the ornament.


2003 Here Comes Santa Miniature Ornaments

Set of three Hallmark miniature ornaments.  Celebrating the 25th year of the Here Comes Santa Collector's Series, this set features replicas of designs by three Keepsake Ornament artists: "Santa's Motorcar" by Linda Sic…


2003 In Excelsis Deo

Porcelain ornament Features Bible verse on back 4 inches high Hallmark Keepsake ornament by Tracy Larsen


2003 Jack-In-The-Box Memories #1: Pop Goes The Snowman

This is the first ornament in the Jack In The Box Memories series.  This pressed tin and handcrafted Hallmark ornament  plays music from "Pop Goes The Weasel" when you turn the crank and then the snowman pops up.…


2003 Kitchen Angels

 Set of three die-cast metal and handcrafted Hallmark Miniature ornaments.  Designed by Sue Tague.  


2003 Kris Kringle

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

$10.00 $5.00

2003 Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck

Light clip for optional lighting effect 4 inches tall Hallmark Keepsake ornament by Robert Chad


2003 Madame Alexander Little Women #3: Elizabeth "Beth" March

This is the third ornament in the Madame Alexander Little Women series.  Porcelain Hallmark ornament by Julie Forsyth.


2003 Mickey and Pluto: Home Bright Home

Mickey and Pluto's heads bob Handcrafted and tin Hallmark Keepsake ornament 3 inches wide


2003 Miniature Kiddie Car Classics #9: Jingle Bell Express

Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Ornament


2003 Miniature Sky's The Limit #3: Curtiss R3C-2 Racer

 This is the 3rd ornament in the Miniature Sky's The Limit series.  The propeller spins on this Hallmark ornament by Lynn Norton.


2003 NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson

This ornament complements the Stock Car Champions series.  3 7/8 inches tall. Die-cast metal and handcrafted Hallmark ornament by Dill Rhodus.


2003 Noah's Ark

Handcrafted and Metal Hallmark ornament by Linda Sickman.   The ornament opens to reveal more animals.


2003 Our First (1st) Christmas

Silver-plated metal, handcrafted, and fabric 2 inches tall By LaDene Votruba


2003 Peter Pan: Flying Over London

 Handcrafted Hallmark ornament.  Clip a miniature light to the back of this ornament using the light clip provided for an optional lighting effect.


2003 Santa's Magic Sleigh

Handcrafted Hallmark ornament by Chris Webb.


2003 Snowman's Land: Snow Place Like Home

 Hallmark Keepsake ornament by Tammy Haddix.  5 inches tall.


2003 Snowman's Land: Snow Time Like The Present

 Designed by Tammy Haddix, this Hallmark Keepsake ornament is 5 inches tall.


2003 Snowman's Land: Snowbody Does It Better

 Handcrafted Hallmark Keepsake ornament by Tammy Haddix.  5 inches tall.


2003 Snowy Push 'N' Pull

Push or pull arms or legs and hear silly sounds. Battery-operated 4 inches tall Hallmark Keepsake Ornament By Nina Aube


2003 Star Wars: Clone Troopers

 Set of two Hallmark Miniature ornaments by Nello Williams.  Each ornament is approximately 2 inches tall.


2003 Sweet Tooth Treats #2

This is the second ornament in the Sweet Tooth Treats series Set of 4 ornaments Porcelain; cookie jar lid opens Cookie jar is 4 inches tall; cookies are 1 inch tall By Nina Aube  


2003 The Church Choir

Hallmark Keepsake ornament.


2003 Town and Country #5: Schoolhouse and Flagpole

This is the 5th ornament in the Town and Country series Set of 2 ornaments Pressed tin and die-cast metal School: 3 1/2 inches tall; Flagpole: 2 1/2 inches tall Hallmark Keepsake Ornament By Linda Sickman


2003 Winnie the Pooh: Our Friendship

Stamped metal and glass; 3 inches wide; Hallmark Keepsake ornament.


2003 Winnie the Pooh: Twinkle, Twinkle

5 inches tall; Hallmark Keepsake ornament.