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2000 I Love Lucy: Lucy Is Enceinte


Product Code QX6884
Manufacturer Hallmark
Condition New

This handcrafted Hallmark ornament was sculpted by LaDene Votruba.  The information from the back of the ornament box reads: "Lucy Ricardo is expecting, and she can't wait to tell her husband Ricky.  But he's too busy to listen--first at home, then at the club.  Predictably, the lovable redhead comes up with a scheme. She sends an anonymous note to Ricky requesting the song 'We're Having A Baby, My Baby and Me.' Eventually, the surprised Ricky realizes who worte the note.  This tender scene, with Lucy and Ricky dancing cheek to cheek, is one of the most touching moments during the six seasons of the program, I Love Lucy, becuase TV viewers know that real-life Lucy (Lucille Ball) is also going to have a baby with real-life husband, Desi Arnaz.  The original air date of this episode (number 50) was December 8, 1952."