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2000 Hallmark Ornaments

Click on the picture or ornament name for additional details.  2000 Hallmark ornaments.

2000 Puppy Love #10

This sweet Yorkshire Terrier is the 10th ornament in the Puppy Love series.  Sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers.


2000 Ringing Reindeer

This Hallmark Keepsake ornament was designed by Joanne Eschrich.


2000 Scuffy the Tugboat

Set of two Hallmark ornaments, includes a Scuffy ornament and a little Little Golden Book.  Sculpted by LaDene Votruba.


2000 Seaside Scenes #2

This is the 2nd ornament in the Seaside Scenes series.  Hallmark miniature ornament sculpted by Ed Seale. 


2000 Sister to Sister

Show your sister some love with this porcelain Hallmark ornament sculpted by LaDene Votruba.  


2000 Snowmen of Mitford: Max

Handcrafted porcelain Hallmark Keepsake ornament.  Max joins the previous Snowmen of Mitford ornaments.


2000 Spotlight on Snoopy #3: The Detective

This is the 3rd ornament in the Spotlight on Snoopy series.  Hallmark Keepsake ornament sculpted by Bob Siedler.


2000 Star Trek Voyager: Seven of Nine

Seven (played by Jerri Ryan) is dressed in her skin-tight blue suit. Hallmark ornament sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers.  4 1/2 inches tall.


2000 Star Wars: Gungan Submarine

The ship lights up.  Hallmark ornament sculpted by Dill Rhodus.


2000 Star Wars: Jedi Council Members: Saesee Tiin, Yoda, and Ki-Adi-Mundi

Set of 3 miniature Hallmark ornaments sculpted by Katrina Bricker.  


2000 Super Friends Lunch Box Set

Set of two handcrafted and pressed tin Hallmark ornament. The lunchbox has pictures of some of the favorite DC characters from the classic TV show. Lunchbox opens and closes. 


2000 Teddy-Bear Style #4

This is the 4th and final ornament in the Teddy-Bear Style series.  The bear features movable arms and legs.  Sculpted by Duane Unruh.


2000 The Nativity #3

This is the 3rd ornament in The Nativity series.  This pewter Hallmark miniature ornament was sculpted by Duane Unruh. 


2000 Time for Joy

Wind the key to see Santa pop out of his nook while a toy soldier, teddy bear, and ballerina twirl below.  The pendulum swings to the sounds of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas.  Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament sculpted…


2000 Toy Shop Serenade

Handcrafted porcelain Hallmark ornament sculpted by Tammy Haddix.


2000 Winnie the Pooh: Piglet's Jack-in-the-Box in SDB

2000 Hallmark Keepsake ornament featuring Piglet and Winnie the Pooh.  This ornament is in mint condition but the box has slight damage.


2000 Winterberry Santa

Handcrafted Hallmark Keepsake ornament sculpted by Robert Chad.  


2000 Wizard of Oz: The Lullabye League

Set of three Hallmark ornaments sculpted by Joyce Lyle.


2000 Wonders of Oz #2: The Tin Man's Heart

This is the second ornament in the Wonders of Oz series.  Hallmark miniature ornament sculpted by Anita Marra Rogers.