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1993 Santa's Favorite Stop


Product Code QXC4125
Manufacturer Hallmark
Condition New

This Artist's Appearance Event Exclusive is the 1st in the Keepsake Signature Collection.  It was available for sale at 35 signing events across the U.S in the summer and fall of 1993.  Although 7,000 pieces were originally produced, many of them were later destroyed due to low turnout at the signing events.  This design represents the work of the 14 Keepsake artists who participated in the tour.  The santa ornament is by Ken Crow, fireplace by Dill Rhodus, Santa's bag by Don Palmiter, hearth and puppy by John "Collin" Francis, clock by Duane Unruh, cookies & milk and garland by Anita Marra Rogers, toy train and kindling box by Linda Sickman, mouse stocking holder by Bob Siedler, snowman stocking holder by Patricia Andrews, teddy bear stocking holder by Ed Seal, elf by Robert Chad, teddy bear by LaDene Votruba, doll by Joyce Lyle, and cat by Julie Lee.  This piece is signed by Anita Marra Rogers.  Santa is not attached to the scene and can be displayed separately.