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1973-1989 Hallmark Ornaments

1989 Noel R.R. #1: Locomotive

Dated 1989. This locomotive is the first in the new Noel R.R. series. Each year a different railroad car will be released to complete this unique holiday train. Sculpted by Linda Sickman.


1989 Noelle

This fine porcelain ornament was offered exclusively to 1989 members of the Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club in a limited edition size of 49,900.  By Duane Unruh. Wood display stand included with ornament. …


1989 Nostalgic Lamb

The wheels on the wagon turn on this vintage Hallmark ornament featuring a white lamb.  


1989 Old English Village #2: Sweet Shop

This is the second ornament in the Old English Village series.  Hallmark miniature ornament by Julia Lee.  Dated 1989.


1989 Old World Gnome

Vintage looking gnome.  Handcrafted Hallmark ornament.


1989 Ornament Express

Dated 1989.  Set of three handcrafted Hallmark ornaments by Linda Sickman.


1989 Penguin Pal #2: Candy Cane

This Hallmark miniature ornament by Peter Dutkin is the second in the Penguin Pals series.


1989 Porcelain Bear #7

This fine porcelain Hallmark ornament by Sharon Pike is the 7th in the Porcelain Bear series.  (Also referred to as the Cinnamon Bear series.)


1989 Reindeer Champs #4: Vixen

Vixen plays tennis for this fourth ornament in the Reindeer Champs series.  Dated Hallmark ornament by Bob Siedler. 


1989 Rocking Horse #9

This is the 9th ornament in the popular Rocking Horse series.  By Linda Sickman, this ornament features brass stirrups and red yarn reins. Dated 1989.


1989 Rodney Reindeer

Rodney is made from a flexible material so you can bend his arms and legs into many different positions.  Hallmark ornament by Bob Siedler.


1989 Santa's Magic Ride (miniature ornament)

This 1989 Hallmark miniature ornament features Santa taking a ride on a unicorn.  Special edition by Anita Marra Rogers.

$20.00 $8.00

1989 Santa's Roadster

Santa takes a spin in his roadster.  Hallmark miniature ornament by Ken Crow.


1989 Snowplow Santa

Bob Siedler designed this Hallmark ornament.  It is 2 1/4 inches tall. 


1989 Special Delivery

This cute seal ornament has a space for personalization.  Handcrafted Hallmark ornament.


1989 Spencer Sparrow Esq.

This handcrafted Hallmark ornament features a sparrow snacking on a sesame cracker.  


1989 Stocking Kitten

1989 Hallmark ornament by Sharon Pike.  


1989 The Animals Speak

This Hallmark Keepsake Magic ornament plugs in to a standard 3.5 or 6 volt string of miniature tree lights to power the light.  The caption on the ornament reads: "The Animals Rejoiced and Spoke, The Star shone Bright …


1989 Thimble #12: Puppy

This is the 12th and final ornament in the Thimble series.  1989 Hallmark ornament by Anita Marra Rogers.


1989 Tin Locomotive #8

This is the eighth and final ornament in the Tin Locomotives series.  Linda Sickman designed this pressed tin Hallmark ornament that features wheels that turn and a brass bell.  Dated 1989, this ornament is 3 3/16th in…


1989 Twelve Days of Christmas #6: Six Geese A-Laying

Dated, acrylic Hallmark ornament.  This is the 6th ornament in the 12 Days of Christmas series.


1989 Wiggly Snowman

This snowman has a bobble-head.  Hallmark ornament by Dill Rhodus.  2 3/4 inches tall. 


1989 Windows of the World #5: German

The sentiment on this Hallmark ornament by Donna Lee reads: "Frohliche Weihnachten."  This is the 5th ornament in the Windows of the World series.


1989 Winter Surprise #1

This is the first ornament in the Winter Surprise series.  Dated 1989.  Hallmark Keepsake ornament.


1989 Wood Childhood #6: Wooden Truck

This is the sixth and final ornament in the Wood Childhood (or Nostalgic Childhood) series.  Hallmark Keepsake ornament.